Dealers’ room registration, Animefest 2019

Welcome to the vendors reservation page for Animefest 2019!

Animefest is the biggest event in the Czech Republic related to anime, japanese culture and pop-culture, with increasing number of visitors each year.

Vendor stalls are always a welcome and popular part of Animefest, therefore we are very glad that you are considering your participation at the 16th year, which will be held 24-26 May 2019 in Brno.

What is new for this year:
Indoor stalls will be placed in the A1 hall as before (route between main program areas) Different from the last year, the hall will be closed for night (from 10pm to 8am) and guarded.
As part of improvement the quality of the festival we started cooperation with the group Fake Is Sad, which is focused fake goods checking. In previous years we have found fake goods here outside knowledge of vendors themselves. Therefore people from Fake Is Sad will be available to advise both for us, organizers, and you, vendors, as well during the festival. Don´t hesitate to ask them in case of doubt about the origin of any goods. We will try to solve any issues by agreement.

Rules for sale at Animefest

If you accept the rules, you can choose the stall category and remember to fill in the registry form at the bottom of the page, then we can assign you with a particular place at Animefest 2019!

Dealers’ room

Size and price for the stall space:

Craft Alley

Food stalls

We prefer varied and high quality hot and cold food for the visitors, with the theme of event (Asian foods, traditional recipes, crazy food design). Please contact the coordinator first and discuss the conditions and price. The price is based on size of the stall, amount of water and electricity and equipment.

Artist Alley

Artist Alley is a place dedicated to the promotion of visual artists. The participants of Artist Alley have the opportunity to draw directly at our convention, meet their fans and to gain valuable experience in the process. Every attendant will receive a fully equipped booth where he can sell merchandise with his own art, usual products range from prints to buttons and much more.

Since the capacity of Artist Alley is limited, we may only pick several people based on the quality of their work. The fee for one booth is CZK 700 (EUR 27). Buying an Artist Alley booth includes free entry for the convention.

Feel free to send in your enrollments till 17th of February. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us via alley@animefest.cz. 

By registering your stall you are bound to keep the rules of Animefest. Breaking the rules might result in closing the stall with no rights to get the rent fee or any other refund.

Ordering furniture and equipment

Please order your furniture already when registering. Most common furniture is listed right in the form, for more please see the Expo catalogue.
Please, specify also number of tables and chairs One table and chair is free for each unit. If you don't specify tables/chairs, we will book the space without furniture.

What to expect after you fill the form

Vendors/Craft Alley: Please fill in the registration form below. We will process your reservation request within 7 days and then we will email you the confirmation and payment instructions.

Artist Alley: Deadline for registration is February 17th. We will contact you with results after the deadline.

If you don't pay for the reservation in agreed time, we will send you an e-mail reminder. If you don't pay after the reminder, we will cancel your reservation and make the space available for others.
You can cancel your reservation at no costs up to two weeks before the start of Animefest, i.e. by Friday, 10th May 2019. In case of late cancellation and we won’t be able to rent your place to someone else, we might charge you with cancellation fee up to 50% of what you have paid.
In case you cannot come after all, please write to us so that we could offer the place for booking by someone else.

When you fill in the registration form we will also email you link to this form so you can make changes. Please pay attention to part labeled as “Web promo” as this will be presented on our web site.

For any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by email

For questions regarding Artist Alley please don’t hesitate to contact us by email

Main coordinator: Kristýna Mikésková aka Fall, tel. +420 773 041 627, email: stankari-vendors@animefest.cz
Craft Alley coordinator: Jan Kvapil aka Krapula, tel. +420 773 101 465, email: stankari-vendors@animefest.cz
Food stalls coordinator: Tereza Zapletalová, email: terezazapletalovaa@gmail.com

Please fill in the most fields at the form below and we’ll be looking forward to see you on Animefest 2019!

Basic information
Web promo

Chairs and tables included in the price.
Dealers only
Notes, more furniture, etc.
Payment information total sum will be confirmed